Q: I can't watch the videos what is wrong?
A: Make sure you have installed the free version of the divx codec, available at www.divx.com

Q: I still can't watch the videos!?
A: try uninstalling then reinstalling the free divx codec. sometimes it's a good idea to reboot after uninstalling the codec. hope that works!

Q: I can see video but I don't hear any audio!?
A: we use standard mp3 compression so most players should be able to handle it. this may sound silly but check your speaker connections and volume first. you'd be suprised at how often the simplest thing is the last thing to be checked.

Q: Why isn't show XXXXXX online?
A: We try to put as many shows online as possible, but somtimes bandwidth and diskspace limit us. It is also possible that we didn't film the show you are looking for.

Q: Why isn't video XXXXXX online?
A: Videos that are unavailable are usually ones we haven't finished editing yet. It can take several hours to get each song ready for downloading

Q: Can you put show or video XXX XXX online for me.
A: While we happily read every request, but we cannot promise a response to every question, nor can we promise to deliver on every request. see the 2 questions above this one for some of the reasons why.

Q: Where can I get a DVD of the footage you have online?
A: Due to the high volume of requests for B&P's, we no longer do any B&P's, but instead we leave them up to the fans who already have copies. Try the trading forum at Right Kind of Phrase or Mrazmerized, don't despair, someone there will help you!

Q: What DVD's do you have out there
A:  2004.01.06 - Java Joe's Pub
      2003.03.24 - House of Blues
      2002.10.15 - Tower Records
      2002.09.08 - The Gorge w/Dave Matthews
      2002.09.21 - Java Joe's (Anya Marina B-Day)
      2002.06.27 - Java Joe's

Q: What type of video/audio gear do you use
A: We have two cameras, the 3-CCD Sony TRV950 and a 1-CCD Sony TRV27. Both shoot in MiniDV and we use the TRV950 as the main camera when possible. There is a very stark difference between the colors and lighting of the two cameras, I highly recommend a 3CCD MiniDV camera if you are looking to purchase. For audio we generally use a Nomad Jukebox 3 with AT831 Mics and an SP-SPSC-1 batt. box but we've also used the internal mic on the camera in some cases.

Q: What's a B&P?
A: rather than recreate the wheel, check out the definitive guide for B&P'ing here: http://www.mcnichol.com/bnp/default.htm
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